Being a Champion for Ethical Responsibility

With Pieridae’s inaugural ESG Report, we begin a journey to demonstrate that we are committed to achieving an authentic ESG outcome through caring deeply about what we stand for as a company, and by responding to our stakeholders’ needs and concerns. By delivering on this responsibility and with careful consideration of the impacts our decisions have, Pieridae will engrain a robust ESG focus into our business strategy now and for years to come.

A commitment to ESG has been a big part of Pieridae Energy throughout our history. It wasn’t always called ESG, of course, but we have consistently built respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples, communities, and other stakeholders.

At a leadership level, we have adopted a new governance and reporting structure that puts ESG at the heart of business planning. Pieridae’s Board, through a new Governance and ESG Committee, will have oversight of all ESG strategies and programs through the Executive Leadership Team. Pieridae conducted an inaugural ESG materiality assessment which will be used as a strategic filter to take a long, hard look at rethinking priorities and establishing new processes and measurement tools.

ESG has always been at the heart of our founder’s ethics, so it is with pride that Pieridae takes these initial but necessary steps to formally build the appropriate governance framework that will allow us to take part in the current energy transition, and be a leader in creating the social and business values that are necessary to participate in a better energy future.

Download the full 2021 ESG Report below:

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