‘One Pieridae’

To say growth has impacted our company would be an understatement.

Since early 2019, the seams have been bursting with 1,200% growth in the number of employees working at Pieridae!
With such a diverse mix of cultures and people coming together quickly from different companies, we are committed to defining our identity, our values and our culture.

In the end, we will unite as ‘One Pieridae’.

We are excited to see how things turn out…

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Supporting our Employees

In lock-step with the ‘One Pieridae’ initiative, the company continues to set up HR structure needed to build a successful company. 

Solid progress has been made. 

A robust recruitment practice is now in place to ensure consistency in fair and equitable hiring. 

We are also implementing a new policy to address ‘fit for work’ requirements along with drug and alcohol testing in support of providing a safe work environment.

Diversity is the New Normal

Diversity in the workplace is vital for employees and leaders. 

Pieridae recognizes this and understands diversity begins at the top. 

In 2020 Kiren Singh joined our Board, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to build a stronger company.

Success is a Shared Accountability

Senior leadership defines the goals and measurement to drive a company’s prosperity. 

These goals are the fundamentals of annual performance agreements leaders develop and sign. Achieving these goals is directly tied to compensation, making everyone accountable for the company’s success and ultimately benefiting from that success fairly.

Retain Your Talent!

Pieridae recognizes the tremendous level of experience gained from employees who joined our company after acquiring the extensive Southern Alberta Foothills assets.

This is especially true for the highly complex deep cut natural gas plants we are now operating.

We know we have to work hard to retain this expertise and train the core employees of the future to maintain our license to safely operate. 

Our summer student program has been providing some of those opportunities the last couple of years and we plan to build this initiative even further.