ESG – A Growing Necessity

The safety of our employees, communities and the environment are top priorities. We want to deliver clean energy to the world while committing to Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) frameworks that keep us connected to our company motto  “Revitalize, Repurpose, and Reuse’. This motto grounds us and is embedded in our ESG journey. It supports the resilience of our business, establishes mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders and means less impact on the environment now and in the future. 

ESG is weaved into the pillars of our business: communication, connection, leadership, shared value and a focus on results. These are supported on a foundation we call “One Pieridae”.  Together, this foundation and five pillars hold up our integrated business and environment, social, and governance strategy.

Our overriding goal is to protect people’s health and the environment.

Climate and Air Emissions  

We manage climate change and air emissions by focusing on lowering risk and complying with all environmental regulatory standards to align with our Energy Management Plan (EMP). Our EMP focuses on ensuring carbon-related risks and opportunities are evaluated as we set our goals and refine our business plan. This is achieved, in part, by including the cost of carbon in the early stages of planning for new capital projects and then sharing with senior management and our Board the long-term impacts of carbon taxation on Pieridae’s business.

Priorities of our Energy Management Plan 

  • Maintaining a focus on achieving asset level targets
  • Implementing projects to lower our GHG emissions 
  • Secure Government grants and funding to help achieve our goals
  • Supporting advocacy for fair carbon taxation 

Land and Reclamation 

Pieridae continuously strives to strike a balance between land, reclamation and biodiversity requirements to ensure we minimize the negative impacts and optimize the positive ones. 

We support initiatives that improve our understanding of biodiversity in the areas where we operate all with the goal of minimizing our environmental footprint. 

When we make decisions to retire assets, the company strives to accelerate the restoration of the land back to its original state as best we can. An important, voluntary initiative we are taking part in is the area-based closure program which encourages energy companies to work together to retire and restore assets for the benefit of all Albertans to limit their potential exposure to paying for cleaning up inactive sites.

Water Management 

We need fresh water to operate our gas complexes, other assets and for future development.  

Pieridae follows all water management regulations and focuses on innovative solutions to responsibly reuse, reduce and recycle as much water as is economically feasible. And where possible, we reduce the amount of fresh water we use beyond what is required by regulations to ensure this important resource is use responsibly and sustainably.

When we look at water usage for new projects, the company evaluates risk, including reliability of supply, technical feasibility, net environmental effect, economics, and regulatory and stakeholder concerns. Plans are developed to manage and lower any risk.

Our overriding goal is to protect people’s health and the environment.