Committed to Being a Good Neighbour

The fact we have advanced our multi-billion-dollar Goldboro LNG Project to lengths usually reserved for a super major speaks to the commitment our employees and leadership have to proper community and stakeholder engagement. 

Pieridae remains committed to being a good neighbour, working with communities where we live and operate, with a strong focus on maintaining the trust and respect that has been built up over the years. 

Giving back demonstrates you are committed to being part of a community.

We will not compromise.


Being forthright and upfront with landowners and stakeholders who may be impacted by our operations is an absolute.

A Responsibility to our Environment

When it comes to the environment, our commitment is unwavering. We have our Environmental Assessment (EA) permit for the Goldboro facility and we are very proud of that. But we know our work is not done and we remain focused on following all terms and conditions of the EA. Not just because it is a requirement of our construction permit, but because we know it is the right thing to do. 

In Alberta where we will produce the natural gas to supply the LNG facility, hydraulic fracturing is not part of our drilling plan as we develop Pieridae’s conventional Foothills reservoirs. 
It’s not needed, Mother Nature does the work as the gas naturally migrates to the surface once the rock is intersected with a well
This supports our project economics and is more environmentally friendly.
In addition to not needing tens of thousands of barrels of fresh water for each well, conventional wells tend to perform better. They provide more gas over the long term and have a smaller environmental footprint as well as substantially lower completion costs. 
It just makes sense.