When you talk about the prospects of an LNG facility being built in Guysborough county with folks living near and far, people’s eyes light up!

With the Sable gas facility shutting down and taking good paying jobs with it, the idea of one of the biggest mega projects ever to hit Nova Scotia setting up shop nearby means real hope for long-term prosperity, jobs and a chance for sons and daughters to finally come home…

Here are some of those stories about the people who will ultimately prosper from our LNG dream.

The Heart of the Community: Mary's Store

Long-time local resident looking forward to Goldboro LNG Project

It is important to tell the stories of those who will experience the benefits of our multi- billion-dollar Goldboro LNG Project.

Mary Rhynold sits on our Community Liaison Committee in Goldboro and is a big supporter of the project.

She is also a proud member of the local community, having lived there for over 30 years.

And the store she runs with her husband, like in so many towns, is the heart of the community.

Nova Scotians Attracted by Goldboro LNG Job Prospects

A Young Family Returns to Nova Scotia from Alberta

Jamie McLennan moved to Alberta with his wife for a better life.

Like so many from Canada’s East Coast, the lure of the oil patch and the chance to get a steady, good paying job was an opportunity Jamie couldn’t pass up, especially when the prospects back home were few.

So, they took the leap and settled in Slave Lake in Northern Alberta. Jamie got a great job with CNRL and life was good.

But the lure of home was too strong. And the couple wanted their six-year-old daughter to grow up around family. So, after 12 years, they headed back to Nova Scotia, where Jamie’s wife got a job as a school teacher.

He is working in forestry but took some time off work to find out more about Pieridae’s Goldboro LNG Project at a recent open house. It’s a project he would like to be a part of and feels the initiative would be a boon to his home community.