Focused on jobs, a path to net zero emissions and Indigenous reconciliation

We are all-Canadian and very proud of it. Our team has been working hard day in and day out, some since 2012, all with the unwavering vision of bringing ethically-produced Canadian energy to the world. 

Our track record is impressive. 

Our accomplishments are many.

Much is already in place: 

  • the majority of key permits
  • a 20-year contract with German energy company Uniper to buy half of Goldboro’s gas
  • confirmation of eligibility in principle of an untied loan guarantee of up to US$4.5 billion from the German Government
  • Pieridae owns and operates natural gas assets across Canada, with a primary focus on our producing assets in Alberta
  • a commitment and a plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050
  • First Nations partnerships to share in the benefits of the project

And where shipping distance will make all the difference in years to come, we’ve got other countries beat and it isn’t even close.

Our Goldboro facility is half the distance to Europe and closer South America and South Asia from the U.S. Gulf Coast and Qatar.

Industry journalists have linked us to the tale of David and Goliath. They wrote, ‘at the very least, David has some pretty big rocks in his sling’. 

We have and will continue to use those rocks prudently and wisely.