Bringing cleaner natural gas to the world — and jobs across Canada

The idea of delivering Canadian energy around the world started over a decade ago with a dream to achieve great things in the energy industry.

As the world builds a better energy future, cleaner natural gas will play a large role in replacing higher carbon sources such as coal, decreasing global GHG emissions substantially.

Our project supports Indigenous Peoples reconciliation through our partnership with the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq to build a $720 million workforce lodge to house the 5,000 workers who will build the LNG Facility.

The multi-billion-dollar Project is well positioned as a COVID recovery initiative that would put thousands of Canadians to work during construction and for decades after it begins operating.

We are doing our part to build a safe, smart and secure energy future for Canada and the globe.

Goldboro LNG – A Unique Opportunity for All Canadians: Jobs, Reconciliation, Net-Zero Emissions

Alberta’s Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity, Dally Nally, says the province is well-positioned to be a “post-pandemic powerhouse for responsible energy production” thanks to the abundance of natural gas.