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Empowering People and Giving Back to Communities

Community vitality and environmental stewardship are central concerns of Pieridae Energy. That is why we insist on involving the communities and the peoples we are working with and investing in their future well-being.

Public Participation

Create the future with us

Public participation in the planning, development, and operation of all our projects is a top concern for Pieridae. Pieridae meets with all levels of government, First Nations, and local residents to inform, listen to, and address concerns and aspirations related to any of our projects. The company has already hosted several information sessions and established a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) to communicate and work directly with local communities for all its projects in development. The company will continue to engage stakeholders in a number of important ways to ensure they are well informed about a project and that their input is completely understood and considered.

For more information on the current consultation process for Goldboro LNG, visit the Environmental Assessment page.

Giving back to communities

Helping Youth and Communities Live Up to their Full Potentials

We are determined to offer local young people an environment where they can thrive and improve their prospects for the future.  To do so, we’ve made it a priority to support youth-oriented projects: we feel youth are a vital asset that it’s up to us to invest in. Examples of our involvement with youth include funding for a Gaspé schoolyard revitalization project and extracurricular activities. Arts and culture are the second priority of our sponsorship program, as they are the basis of regional identity and a crucial factor in fostering a sense of belonging. Our involvement goes hand-in-hand with our desire to contribute to harmonious community development. We also give every one of its employees $400 every year, to donate to the good cause of their choice.

Commitment to Public Research and Transparency

Simultaneously with its exploration work, Pieridae and its partners have conducted, and continue to conduct, numerous technical, environmental, and social impact studies.

Technical studies

These studies are aimed at facilitating oil exploration, and oil production. Prior to starting exploratory drilling, geological, geochemical, and geophysical work is performed to identify discovery potential and a target for siting an initial test well. Once oil is found, many additional studies must be carried out to delimit the prospective area, estimate the size of the resource, and understand the characteristics of the reservoir with a view to bringing it into production. Over the course of these studies, hypotheses are developed and tested. Some are rejected, others reformulated or simply replaced. Pieridae and its partner’s current knowledge of the resources are the result of years of work, which has often called for bold action and innovation.

Environmental studies

The prospect of an emergent Eastern Canada LNG industry raises legitimate questions among the population, especially with regard to the environment. The oil industry has been operating around the world for more than a century and has demonstrated that its activities can be carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. This obviously does not exempt the industry from doing its homework, answering questions, and addressing environmental issues.

Hydrogeological Studies

In conjunction with its exploration activities, Pieridae initiated hydrogeological studies of the areas under exploration.

Led by the Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS-ETE), these studies seek to determine the potential effect of drilling on groundwater and identify the most vulnerable areas so that protective measures can be implemented as required.

This initiative, a first of its kind in Eastern Canada’s oil and gas industry, addresses one of the public’s main and repeatedly expressed concerns, which Pieridae felt merited careful and detailed examination. By enlisting the assistance of the scientific community, namely INRS-ETE, the Company has acknowledged the legitimacy of these concerns.

This work is intended to enhance the partners’ knowledge, more specifically to answer the following questions:

  • If there is a connection between the formation where oil resources are located and the subsurface hydrogeological system?
  • If, and how, exploration activities, particularly drilling, affect water resources?
  • What mitigation measures can be put in place to minimize the impact of oil operations on the hydrogeological system?

The INRS-ETE was invited to conduct this study to ensure a scientific approach.

Pieridae Energy and its partners contribute to the advancement of science as the research results will be useful in other scientific fields, such as the study of geothermal energy.

Partnership with First Nations

Strengthening Indigenous Communities through Partnership

Pieridae Energy is committed to building early dialogue and long-term working relationships with First Nations communities.

Our approach is simple. We listen and respect cultural, traditional and ecological knowledge and traditions.

We grow alongside the people we serve by supporting community-led projects aiming to, among others:

  • Promote and support indigenous culture;
  • Provide employment opportunities;
  • Create tools for future longterm economic development of their traditional land.

Youth initiatives are also a major area of concern and action.