Safety and Operations Excellence

Pieridae is committed to meeting our HSE Policy and Path to Zero goals; advancement of our safety culture; progressing safety competence; and upholding our reputation. 


Pieridae has a Choose Safety philosophy which means safety is a choice every day. This way of thinking leads us to create and sustain a culture that drives our commitment of no harm to people and protection for the environment. Through an engaged workforce where people feel respected, valued and cared for, we will improve our performance, increase our engagement, and reduce injuries.
Pieridae understands that good safety is good business, and that risks and hazards can lead to incidents. We put ‘barriers’ in place to prevent potential risk and hazards from causing undesirable outcomes. These include policies, management systems, standards, procedures, equipment, and maintenance. 

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Operations Management System

Through the acquisition of the Southern Alberta Foothills Assets, Pieridae acquired a mature Operations Management System (OMS) and embedded in that system is the Health, Safety, Environment Management System. This latter system serves as a basis for local procedures, competence requirements, learning material and contract requirements, and it supports those accountable and responsible for implementation. We have integrated these processes into our corporate HSE goals across the company. Our goals are tied to compensation, which holds people accountable for their HSE behaviours and performance, and ensures we create the right environment to achieve these goals

Risk Management

Risk management is a key leading indicator for Pieridae and foundational to achieving our goals. Using proactive processes such as our hazard identification process (HAZID) and risk assessment matrix (RAM), we are actively managing risk. We are proud of our results: no lost time incidents (LTI), and a healthy employee and contractor total reportable incident frequency (TRIF) of 0.34 in 2020. 

Operations Competency

Our industry is complex and high risk. The competence of our people is vital in helping to control that risk. It is critical to protect our people and assets, and to prevent impacts to the environment and local communities.

To ensure the competence of our staff, especially those in safety critical front-line positions, we are building a learning management system tied to Pieridae’s OMS. We track and monitor competence through our Workhub compliance management tool. Our goal is to have a 100% competency to OMS by 2021. 

Another way we manage risk is to have HSE and Inspection/Integrity leaders located on site at our large facilities. Working alongside operational leaders, these individuals participate in daily team meetings, management reviews, audits, and incident investigations. This allows them to effectively manage risk and advance our Choose Safety culture, which ultimately helps Pieridae achieve our goal of zero incidents. 

"Choose Safety" – because safety is a choice every day. 


Leadership and Commitment

Pieridae strives to uphold our reputation by being a leader in HSE compliance, and by reporting issues and near misses, and we encourage our people to do the same. We want to lead by example and demonstrate compliance with relevant HSE requirements and set the same expectation for others. Through setting expectations and priorities, and assigning resources, Pieridae is providing transparency of performance, giving clear direction, and ensuring organizational focus on risk management.

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Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Through our Operations Management System and our Assurance and HAZID Behaviour Based Safety Programs, we encourage frontline workers to tell us what hazards and risks look like in their area of responsibility and trust them to take corrective action. We actively encourage staff and contractors to report all incidents, near misses and acts of non-compliance. While all incidents require reporting, investigation and follow-up, greater attention is paid to incidents, including near misses, with higher potential to either occur or happen again. We conduct accurate risk assessment of credible scenarios that could have resulted from the event.

Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management

Our approach to asset integrity and process safety management (AIPSM) is to effectively manage the integrity of operating systems and processes that handle hazardous substances. Data is recorded every day and fed into a monthly report. 

The company’s goal is to prevent any unplanned releases which could result in a major incident. We use the AIPSM monthly reports to assess risk in real time and then prioritize any corrective action based on the right business decisions. Pieridae uses an industry standard approach to process safety performance indicators which ties back to our corporate goals.

Emergency Response Planning

As Pieridae strives to meet our obligations to safeguard personnel, communities and the environment, we will always remain focused on Emergency Preparedness and Response (ERP). Our ERP plans for all operations are in place and updated regularly. 

Each plan outlines what we will do in case of a gas release, fire, explosion, hazardous material spill, transportation accident or other potential emergency, in conjunction with local emergency services. 

We will also maintain a high level of emergency preparedness through implementation of simulated response training. This commitment was demonstrated in 2020 through 31 Emergency Response Training drills and exercises.