‘One Pieridae’

We are committed to building a ‘One Pieridae’ culture, leading through our shared values and connecting with employees to communicate our shared strategy and ensure they are valued, engaged and energized.

Creating this type of environment can be challenging for any company, let alone for Pieridae, where we have experienced a 1,200% growth rate in the number of employees working at the company since 2019.

With such a diverse mix of cultures and people coming together quickly from different companies, we are committed to defining our identity, our values, and our culture.

As a result, Pieridae completed its first Employee Engagement Survey in 2020, achieving a very positive 80% participation rate. The company has promised to make this an annual event, where Pieridae will implement corrective actions based on survey results.

We generally saw strong results that employees know they are an important part of Pieridae, what is expected of them and that there is trust for teammates to do great work!

We also saw that leaders must put more effort and focus on discussing progress with their people, encouraging development, and recognizing accomplishments. We must help our staff learn and grow, value their input and provide everyone with clear opportunities for progress and development.

Through the company’s corporate priorities, Pieridae has committed to strengthening organizational infrastructure by continuing to build a sustainable ‘One Pieridae’ culture. One of Pieridae’s 2021 Corporate goals is to implement a leadership development framework. This initiative is partly due to feedback from the Engagement Survey. 

Human Resources will focus on increasing diversity and fostering inclusion through staff training and regular engagement activities, including making mental health resources and support easily available. Front line leadership will be engaged in Leadership Development programs as part of the One Pieridae initiative. Additional 2021 Corporate goals include increasing retention of newly hired employees and rolling-out an updated compensation framework.

Diversity and Inclusion

Pieridae is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as well as its aspirations and approach to increasing diversity and inclusion within the organization.

The company's goal is to ensure 20% of vice presidents and board members are diverse. The starting point is to gather information. Pieridae has done this through a benchmarking Diversity and Inclusion Study, which will become an annual exercise.

Results of this formative study show that Pieridae has challenges in terms of diversity, defined as the ‘range of human differences present within an organization’, and inclusion, defined as ‘people feeling that they belong and that they are psychologically safe’.

  • Women currently make up 26% of the workforce, which is typical of the historically male-dominated oil and gas industry in Alberta.  The Calgary head office is more gender diverse than the workers in the field.
  • There is female representation on the board and at the vice-president level, in engineering and drilling. Female representation at the leadership level sits at 18%.
  • Visible minorities are represented in 12% of the total workforce
  • Persons with disabilities make up 6% of the workforce, LGBTQ2 represent 7%, and Indigenous Peoples represent 4%

The company’s leadership remains committed to improvement. Consequently, Pieridae is developing and implementing robust diversity and inclusion policies for the whole organization, including a new employee handbook and orientation process. There is also a new policy that states, among other things, that we value the benefits that diversity can bring to Pieridae’s Board, senior leadership team and employee group. These benefits include the promotion of differing perspectives and the broadening of ideas while improving oversight, decision-making and governance.