Community Involvement & Investment

We are committed to being a good neighbour through constructive community and stakeholder engagement and support in the communities where we live and operate.

Our focus of building trust and respect with Indigenous Peoples goes hand-in-hand with how we endeavour to work with the stakeholders Pieridae interacts with on a daily basis.

The fact we advanced our previous Goldboro LNG Project to lengths usually reserved for much larger energy companies speaks to the commitment our employees and leadership have for proper Indigenous, community, and stakeholder engagement.

Community - Rural Roads

Pieridae takes pride in supporting local initiatives such as education through high school STEM scholarships, safety through emergency services, and culture through rodeos.

Back in Alberta, the acquisition of three gas plants and other natural gas assets from Shell in the fall of 2019 introduced a new layer of engagement for the company, which was made much easier through the employees who joined Pieridae as part of the deal. Many live in the communities that surround our new family of assets, working at our facilities that produce the energy many rely on every day.

Pieridae remains committed to being a good neighbour, working with communities where we live and operate, with a strong focus on maintaining the trust and respect that has been built up over the years. Giving back demonstrates you are committed to being part of a community. We have a clear policy of financial support that outlines how individual groups can access funding for things that truly make a difference. Pieridae takes pride in supporting local initiatives such as education through high school Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). scholarships, safety through emergency services and culture through rodeos.

Being forthright and upfront with landowners and stakeholders who may be impacted by our operations is an absolute: we will not compromise. Pieridae and its team will continue to participate in ongoing stakeholder engagement by working with individual landowners as well as through respected groups such as the Waterton Advisory Group, SPOG and West Central Stakeholders.

Rural Barn - summer