Latest News and HighlightsLondon, U.K. Event Features Canada's Global LNG Opportunity


CEO Alfred Sorensen Discussed the Advantages of Pieridae’s Goldboro Project

On the heels of the former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency speaking to Calgarians about the importance of Canada joining in on the massive LNG expansion surge sweeping the globe, Pieridae’s CEO Alfred Sorensen took part in a blue-ribbon panel discussing that very topic in the U.K. in London.

The event centered on the scope of Canada’s LNG growth opportunity through a special briefing to European energy investors and stakeholders, showcasing the potential for secure supplies of cleaner, greener LNG to Europe and Asia from terminals on Canada’s east and west coasts.

Alfred talked about Pieridae’s Goldboro LNG Project interlocking with the Paris Climate Accord goals of reducing overall world GHG emissions. Under Article 6 of the accord, our project would help reduce Canada’s net GHG emissions, effectively eliminating one of Alberta’s oil sands projects from Paris cap.

This initiative creates a national and international transportation link for cleaner-burning Canadian natural gas to supply world markets, replacing high-emission coal supplies.