Pieridae Energy Reaches Tentative Project Labour Agreements

HALIFAX, NS, October 14, 2016 – Pieridae Energy (Canada) Ltd. (Pieridae) continues to meet major milestones with the proposed Goldboro LNG processing facility.

Pieridae has reached a tentative Project Labour Agreement with Nova Scotia trades and construction unions for the proposed Goldboro LNG Project. A tentative agreement was signed by the Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association, as the bargaining agent of Pieridae, and by each of the unions that will be providing highly skilled tradespersons to the Goldboro LNG Project during its construction.  In due course the Project Labour Agreement will be presented to the membership of each union for ratification.

The Project Labour Agreement, together with the various existing collective agreements, outline the terms of employment of tradespersons who will be engaged during the construction of the Goldboro LNG Project and include training and employment opportunities for qualified First Nations members, women and local residents. During peak construction, the project is expected to run two 10 hour shifts each day.

“Having the best tradespersons available to this important project is a key achievement in our quest to satisfy the milestones leading to a final investment decision” said Pieridae President and CEO, Alfred Sorensen. “We are excited about this agreement because it demonstrates all parties’ shared commitment to the fair treatment of labour and to the timely development of this critical project for the Province of Nova Scotia and Canada.”

About Pieridae Energy Limited

Pieridae Energy Limited is an energy infrastructure development company focused on LNG opportunities. Founded in 2011, the company, through Pieridae Energy (Canada) Ltd., Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd., and its other operating subsidiaries, is developing a fully integrated LNG infrastructure business. For additional information regarding the Goldboro LNG project, refer to: www.GoldboroLNG.com.


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