The CompanyGoldboro LNG

Building Eastern Canada’s LNG Export Facility

Pieridae is currently developing the Goldboro LNG project, an LNG processing facility with storage tanks and marine works. The facility will be located at the Goldboro Industrial Park in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

History and overview
Description of the project and its benefits.

Canadian regulatory
The National Energy Board has granted Pieridae 20-year licenses to import natural gas from the United States and export it as LNG from our Goldboro LNG facility.

U.S. regulatory
The Department of Energy (DoE) has granted Pieridae 20-year licences to export natural gas from the U.S.A to Canada to supply the Goldboro LNG Facility and to export the resulting LNG from Canada.

Learn about how the Goldboro LNG Facility is meeting the standards, codes and regulations to ensure the health, safety, and security of the environment and the Canadian public.

As part of our commitment to fair labour practices, Pieridae has signed a project special needs collective agreement which encompasses 15 trade unions in Nova Scotia.

Learn more about the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline which will interconnect with the Goldboro LNG Facility.