Health & Safety Values

Our constant goal is 100% safe and incident free facilities.

At Pieridae Energy, we take the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors, customers and neighbours very seriously. As one of our core business values, Pieridae is committed to achieving health and safety excellence throughout our entire organization, including at our Goldboro LNG Project. Our overall corporate health and safety program focuses on several key areas: Corporate Management; Community Communication and Stewardship; and a Culture of Safety.

Corporate Management

Safety is a core business value and is part of everything we do. Pieridae understands the importance of creating a safe and healthy work environment, and we are committed to designing and maintaining hazard free offices and operations while implementing effective and responsible work processes and procedures based on industry best practices and world class health and safety training. Management is focused on ensuring that we comply with or exceed regulatory requirements. Such management focus helps ensure that safety remains a priority. If operational results and safety ever come into conflict, our employees and contractors have a responsibility to choose safety.

Community Communication and Stewardship

We work hard to ensure that members of the Pieridae and Goldboro teams are integrated into the local community in which we operate. We will provide a variety of programs and opportunities for two-way communications with local stakeholders that offer education, safety awareness and community enrichment. We display our commitment to safety through our conduct and facility appearance.

Culture of Safety

We do not tolerate behaviour that is risky or unmindful in the working environment. It is the responsibility of each individual employee to fully comply with the Company’s safety program and our ‚Äúzero incident” goal. This goal requires constant awareness of any real or potential safety hazards, communication of incident prevention strategies and continuous due diligence in resolving any uncovered safety hazards via communications, resourcefulness and transparency. We require a high level of commitment to health and safety, not only from our management and employees, but also from all of our suppliers, guests and sub-contractors. Because individual health is critical for safe conduct, we emphasize the importance of personal wellness.