Pieridae Energy is an energy infrastructure development company focused on liquefied natural gas (LNG) opportunities. Founded in 2011, the company is developing a fully integrated LNG infrastructure business. Pieridae Energy is contracting and partnering with world-class resource supply companies and off-takers in its commitment to create a successful, fully integrated LNG project.

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Goldboro LNG

Pieridae is currently developing Goldboro LNG, a proposed export LNG terminal located in Goldboro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Commitment to Consultation

Public participation in the planning, development, and operation of Goldboro LNG is a priority for Pieridae.

Pieridae has met with all levels of government, First Nations, and local residents to inform, listen to, and address concerns and aspirations related to Goldboro LNG. The company has hosted several information sessions and is establishing a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) to communicate and work directly with local communities.

The company will continue to engage Goldboro LNG stakeholders in a number of important ways to ensure they are informed about the project and that their input is received and considered.

Visit the Goldboro LNG Environmental Assessment page for more information on public consultation.


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